A BRITISH woman narrowly dodged death in India after cattle smugglers flung a living cow in front of her car.

Sonia Sharma and her pal Archie Baranwal were driving in the city of Gurugram in the northern state of Haryana when they spotted a truck in front with no rear tyres.

 Sonia Sharma speaking to Indian TV about her ordeal

Fearing for the safety of the driver, passengers and the cattle she tried to flag it down and also called the police.

But instead of pulling over people inside the lorry started shooting at them.

Sonia said: "We saw a vehicle racing at a dangerous speed with no tyres on the rear, moving on just rims.

"They fired a shot at us, fortunately it missed us.

“However, we did not cave in and continued driving behind them. They then threw a live cow in front of our vehicle and started abusing us."

 The cattle truck with its two burst tyres clearly visible

The lorry was eventually forced to stop because of its missing tyres.

Indian media report that it was smuggling cows from Gurugram to the Mewat region of Haryana to be slaughtered.

It was reported the gangsters are still at large after abandoning their vehicle and its cargo before fleeing.

Police arrived and recovered an illegal gun.

Assistant sub-inspector Hari Singh said: "This is a regular feature in Haryana where Mewati cattle smugglers open fire and pelt stones at police."

 A highway in the city of Gurugram in the northern Indian state of Haryana

Sonia said the experience had affected her badly.

She said: "I am disgusted and appalled at what happened and just want to leave this country.

"The fact that the mafia is at large and openly firing at civilians has completely shaken my faith in the country's administration and legal system."

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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/worldnews/4556815/british-tourist-india-cow-thrown-cat-car/

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