Britain could deploy new aircraft carrier if war breaks out with North Korea amid growing nuke crisis

BRITAIN’S armed forces are gearing up for a possible war with North Korea, it has been claimed.

Top brass have reportedly been tasked with drawing up plans detailing how the UK would respond if a conflict broke out with wannabe warlord Kim Jong-un.

 The Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth, or 'Big Lizzie' , could be pressed into service earlier than originally thought

One option involves dispatching Britain’s new aircraft carrier, which is set to come into service later this year, before she has even carried out flight trials, reports the Daily Mail.

Details have emerged after US President Donald Trump warned that “only one thing will work” when it comes to dealing with North Korea.

Rocket-obsessed Kim is preparing to test a long-range missile which it believes can reach the west coast of the United States, it's claimed.

An influential Russian politician Anton Morozov made the warning after visiting Pyongyang this week, RIA news agency reports.

Under one scenario being planned by the British military is deploying HMS Queen Elizabeth, along with 12 F-35B fighter jets, to join US warships off the Korean peninsula.

The 65,000-ton aircraft carrier could be escorted by Type-45 destroyers and Type-23 frigates.

 Kim Jong-un's nuke ambitions have put him on a collision course with the US and its allies - including the UK

A senior Whitehall source told the Daily Mail: “We have plenty of ships to send… the Type-45 destroyers, the Type-23 frigates.

“Britain’s new aircraft carrier could be pressed into service early if things turn south.”

North Korea's most recent nuclear detonation last month triggered an artificial earthquake six times larger than in any previous test.

Leading the international condemnation, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis vowed to meet any threat to America with "a massive military response".

North Korea claimed it has developed a sophisticated 120 kiloton hydrogen bomb small enough to be carried on an intercontinental missile.

A new report says Kim Jong-un's deadly nuke arsenal has the ability to wreak apocalyptic havoc on neighbours South Korea and Japan as well as the United States.

Four million people could die within MINUTES of launching a nuclear strike, shock research has found.

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