British sniper on the front line against ISIS in Syria despite being SHOT vows the terror group will be crushed soon

Former IT worker Jac Holmes says he misses England and his comfy bed but will continue battling with Kurdish forces to retake Raqqa

Holding a scoped rifle, Jac Holmes, a former IT worker and painter, has told of his fierce battles with the terror group and admitted he misses England.

Jac Holmes has been fighting ISIS in Syria for almost a year

Jac Holmes has been fighting ISIS in Syria for almost a year

The Brit sniper carries around a large rifle with a mounted scope

The Brit sniper carries around a large rifle with a mounted scope

The 24-year-old was smuggled into the war-torn country from Iraqi Kurdistan in 2015 where he joined the YPG Kurdish freedom-fighting group.

In intense gun battles with the terror group, Jac has been shot and charged at by a suicide truck.

“I miss England a lot. I’ve been here nearly a year now without going home,” he told Sky News.

“I was fixing computers and I was a painter. Then I decided I wanted to come and join the YPG. I wanted to fight evil in Syria.

“We have been in combat with ISIS. 50 metres to 500 metres.

“On the first day we went out they sent a suicide truck to out position, luckily it didn’t blow up.


The 24-year-old seems set on continuing his fight against ISIS until they are ‘finished’

“When you’re on the front ISIS are using everything. They’ve got snipers, suicide trucks, dushkas, rifles.

“They put these heavy weapons in large buildings and they shoot them at us to hide from the jets trying to bomb them.

“They’re everywhere on the front.

“The city’s very tightly packed together, all the buildings, so they can sneak around a lot and you don’t see them.

“They’re very motivated. They do a lot of crazy stuff, and yeah they wanna kill all of us.

“Eventually Raqqa will be finished and ISIS will be close to being defeated. So it’s all good.

“I miss a lot of things. My family, friends, electricity, being clean, good food, peace – I guess – sleeping in a nice bed”

Jac lives off an allowance of just under £40 but continues to fight ISIS despite the group putting up a £120,000 bounty on the capture of any volunteer from the UK.

Previously a council service desk analyst from Bournemouth, Jac had no military training before he left Britain fired up by a determination to fight against injustice and oppression of civilians.

He was wounded during a gun battle a year ago and has taken part in dangerous operations with the YPG that included the liberation of an enemy-held village.

Speaking about ISIS when he first arrived, he said: “They are a horrendous terrorist organisation, they enslave, pillage – they think they’re justified under their version of Islam.

“Anyone of a sane mind can see there is nothing religious or righteous about it. I can’t get over why anyone would actually join a group like Isis.”

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