Brits are confused about which bin to use for their recycling — as just 54 per cent of Londoners recycle all they can

RECYCLING rates vary hugely across the country because many people are ­confused about which bin to use, a survey has found.

Figures show that London has the worst record, with only 54 per cent of people recycling all they can.

 London has the worst record for recycling in the country

Of those in the capital who do not, a quarter say they are confused about rules on what can and cannot be recycled. Scotland, where the rules are clearer, has the top recycling rate of 80 per cent. Wales is next on 75 per cent.

Among Londoners who admitted they don’t recycle all they can 24 per cent said they were confused about the rules.

The poll by public services firm Serco quizzed 3,000 UK residents.

Serco’s Robin Davies said: “Our survey shows different levels of recycling confusion across the UK.”

 There is some confusion over what can and cannot be recycled
 69 per cent of men surveyed said they recycle all they can, compared to 66 per cent of women

“We need to work towards greater standardisation and consistency of kerbside recycling systems and what can be recycled in each Local Authority area, whilst recognising that some local differences will necessarily continue to exist.”

Just four per cent of 16-34 year old's admitted they cannot be bothered and seven per cent saids it was too time consuming while five per cent said they didn’t believe that waste separated for recycling is actually recycled


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