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You can live in the same building as Obama’s old apartment

Renters at one Upper West Side building aren’t paying executive prices just because the future-Leader of the Free World used to hang his hat there.

A broker is boasting about the “below market” rent for a pad in the West 109th Street building where Barack Obama once called home.

The $2,400 per month rent on Obama’s old home is the same as it was five years ago — and it’s also the same amount now advertised for a similar apartment in the five-story, 13-unit prewar building, records show.

“Live in Obama’s old apartment building!!” Manhattan broker Alpha Properties says in the new listing for apartment 2E — a two-bedroom unit just like No. 44.

The “very large 2 bedroom apt, both rooms can fit Queen size beds. 2 blocks away from all major transportation — 1, 2, 3, C, cross town buses!!!” the ad screams.

Obama’s lived in 3E when he was a student in the early 1980s at Columbia University, was rented to a new tenant in July.

Present-day tenants of the building, between Amsterdam and Columbus avenues, pay a lot more than the $360 per month Obama split with a roommate in 1981.

In 2010, Obama’s old pad rented for $1,900, more than five times the 1981 rent. In July 2012, the apartment was listed for $2,400 the same as what the landlord charges today.

Though there’s no premium to live in Obama’s old pad, renters reportedly get a framed picture of Obama standing in the apartment.

Like other New Yorkers, Obama got to know the problems of renting in the Big Apple.

He wrote in a memoir that he left the Upper West Side pad, “due to lack of heat.”


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