Cash-strapped police may stop attending thefts worth less than £100, MPs have been told

A CASH-strapped police force may stop attending thefts worth less than £100 from vehicles and shops, MPs have been told.

Bedfordshire police and crime commissioner Kathryn Holloway suggested valuables should not be left in cars.

She told the Commons Home Affairs Committee the force had made nearly £35million in cuts and faces a further reduction of up to £12.5million in the next four years.

She said: “I suppose there could be an argument that people are insured and shouldn’t be leaving valuables in cars, vans and so on.

“However, it’s also been suggested that we wouldn’t be going to retail thefts of £100 and under.

"I have no appetite whatsoever as the PCC for Bedfordshire in seeing my county become the retail theft capital for the UK.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also told the committee of his concerns over police funding.

Mr Khan said: “We’ve reached a tipping point in relation to our ability to keep our city safe.”″ target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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