Chilling moment serial killer Robert Pickton sits EATING in his cell while boasting to undercover cop about selling remains of 49 women as mincemeat

THIS is the chilling moment a serial killer boasted of feeding 49 women into a mincing machine to an undercover cop.

Evil Robert Pickton made the jaw-dropping confession as he sat calmly eating a plate of bolognese in a police cell – and even moaned that he was caught just one murder away from "the big 5-O".

He bragged: "I wanted one more, make, make the big five O" before claiming the prosecutors’ list of 49 alleged victims only had "half" of his actual toll.

The monster also boasted of being "bigger than the (serial killers) in the States".

Pickton – known as 'The Butcher' – was Canada's worst serial killer.

The scruffy loner would lure women to his farm and torture and murder them before feeding the corpses to his pigs.

He picked the women up from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, several square blocks of squalid hotels, drug dealers and street-level, survival prostitution.

He then lured them to his muddy, garbage-strewn farm with promises of money, alcohol and drugs before killing them by injecting antifreeze into their veins.

There were rumours about wild parties attended by Hell's Angels and suspicious activity at the pig farm, but they were initially dismissed by local cops – who sometimes bought meat from him.

He remained at large even after one woman managed to escape the killer and ran, naked and bleeding, after stabbing Pickton with his own knife in 1997.

But the drug addict was considered unreliable by police and Pickton was not prosecuted.

He claimed she was a hitchhiker who had attacked him.

Five years later twisted Pickton was convicted of six counts of second-degree murder, 20 other charges of first-degree murder were stayed. He was sentenced to life in prison.

He was caught when a truck driver told cops he had seen illegal guns in Pickton's trailer home.

Investigators raided his pig farm looking for the weapons, only to find items belonging to missing women.

After his arrest Pickton sat in a Vancouver jail cell and told his cellmate – actually an undercover officer – that his quest to kill 50 women had come up just short.

He said: “I made my own grave by being sloppy. Doesn’t that just kick you in the ass now.

He said that the police were planning on charging him with murdering 49 women.

The pig farm became the largest crime scene in Canadian history.

A total of 200,000 DNA samples and 600,000 exhibits were seized and forensic experts were forced to use heavy equipment to sift through nearly 300,000 cubic metres of soil.

The cost of the investigation was estimated at more than £40million.

Elaine Allan ran a shelter for prostitutes around the time the women started vanishing.

She said: "It was horrifying watching women going missing."

By 2001, there were 62 women missing, and police offered a $100,000 reward for information.

Meanwhile, Pickton murdered two more girls – and stored their heads, hands and feet in a freezer.

As Pickton was charged with murder, health officials admitted human remains may have got into pork meat the farm had produced.

Police still can't account for 38 of the 64 missing women.

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