FEARS are growing North Korea could test a nuke or launch a ballistic missile next Tuesday to mark the founding of its governing communist party.

North Korea often tests nukes or rockets on key state anniversaries. This includes the birthdays of those in the ruling Kim dynasty.

 Kim Jong-un, with his ever-present doting side-kicks, stands in a field in this official picture released today

Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera raised fears of a provocative act on that day which also marks the start of an election campaign in Japan.

He said October 10 marks an important anniversary for North Korea – the date marking the founding of the North Korean communist party.

"I understand it is an important anniversary for North Korea. We would like to maintain a sense of urgency."

And Yong Suk Lee, the CIA's deputy leader of its Korea Mission Centre, warned: "Stand by your phones", US News reported.

He added: "Beyond the bluster, Kim Jong-Un is a rational actor.

"We have a tendency in this country to underestimate his conservatism. He wants to rule for a long time and die in his own bed.

"North Korea ia a political organism that thrives on confrontation. Waking up and deciding to nuke Los Angeles is not in his interest to survive.

"North Korea is a political organism that thrives on confrontation."

Earlier in the month, the world awoke to the news North Korea has detonated a nuclear device in a test.

The blast was triggered an artificial earthquake six times larger than any previous test.

North Korea claimed it has developed a sophisticated 120 kiloton hydrogen bomb small enough to be carried on a missile.


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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4614766/north-korea-nuclear-ballistic-test-cia-usa-tuesday/

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