CUNY architect suing university over gender pay gap

A veteran, Ivy League-educated CUNY architect is suing the university for allegedly paying her less than male colleagues with less experience and education.

Kay Xanthakos, a chief architect with the City University of New York for 21 years, claims in a gender-discrimination lawsuit that she earns $11,000 less than a former underling who is not a licensed architect. She supervised the man until he was promoted to a position equal to hers in 2006.

Another male co-worker, the director of construction, was hired just two years ago and has no college degree, but earns $33,000 more than Xanthakos, according to court papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

The graduate of Harvard/Radcliffe and Columbia University, says she has asked CUNY for raises and brought up the pay disparity multiple times since 2007, when new male directors were hired and she began to notice changes in the facilities, planning, construction and management division. Since 2008, only men have been hired for the engineering services staff and from 2008-2015, all the directors and assistant directors hired in the department of design, construction and management were men.

Her complaints have gone ignored, she claims, and her supervisor has retaliated by curbing her job responsibilities and excluding her from projects and meetings.

She’s asking the court to promote her to a higher position and pay her for the income she would have earned if had been given promotions.

CUNY spokesman Frank Sobrino told the Post: “We cannot comment on pending litigation, but as a public university system, CUNY adheres to all federal, state and city laws and regulations regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action.”


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