Dad-of-two with stage-4 cancer given weeks to live claims strict vegan diet cured him

A CANCER survivor who battled back to health after medics said he had just weeks to live has claimed his recovery was down to a vegan diet.

Dad-of-two Rob Mooberry gave up on conventional treatment after years of radiation therapy for stage 4 correctional cancer – and believes his tumour shrunk by 80% after he switched to a raw vegan diet.

A video of his recovery has been viewed more than more than 27 million times with thousands of social media users writing in to congratulate him on the success.

In the tearjerking video, his relieved wife Amanda tells how they met as coworkers in 2011 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

They went on their first date after a month, and had moved in together within five.

But their blissful world was torn apart in 2012 after Rob was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 after months of feeling unwell.

After years of treatment, doctors warned Amanda that Rob's cancer was terminal – so they chose to get married while they still could.

A tearful Amanda recalled: "One night, as I laid in the hospital bed next to Rob, he turned to me and whispered, 'I want to get married'.

"I immediately cried out, "So do I!"'

The pair tied the knot just two days before Rob embarked on a punishing course of chemotherapy and radiation that Amanda feared would kill him.

But after just one round of chemotherapy, Rob decided he couldn't go through with a second – so the pair embarked on a holistic approach instead.

Amanda said: "We both changed our diets to strictly vegan, experimented with different herbs, and even did coffee enemas.

"Our doctors told us we were naive but just three weeks later, Rob's cancer was 80 percent gone! And by the beginning of December 2014 there was no evidence of disease."

But their luck didn't end there, with Amanda using IVF to give birth to twins last year after years of trying to start a family.

"It's crazy to think that a few years ago we had all the odds stacked against us, but It just goes to show you that love can create miracles," she added.

Rob said: "Our story was posted as a story of love and its power to conquer life’s obstacles. Not a ploy to convince people to become vegan and buck the health care system.

"Whoever is thinking about adopting these practices should research, weigh, and evaluate if this is right for them."

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