Dad whose ex forged his signature to get pregnant with his sperm says their daughter represents ‘pain and suffering’

A DAD has revealed he finds it difficult to "reach out and hug" his daughter – after his ex forged his signature to have the girl with his sperm.

The businessman in his 50s said his daughter, now six, is a "beautiful child", but she represents "so much pain and suffering".

 A dad has revealed the emotional confusion he is going through in dealing with his daughter who was born via IVF treatment he didn't authorise

The dad – now married to another woman – lost his battle for damages against a top London IVF clinic at High Court on Friday.

The jury heard how docs at Harley Street clinic were  fooled, and failed to check if he had signed the form permitting his frozen embryos to be used.

In a touching interview, the man revealed how his ex partner told him she was pregnant by text – a year after they broke up.

He told Radio 4's Today Programme: "On the one hand it's a beautiful child – intelligent, lovely, happy. But at the same time the child has represented so much pain and suffering for us.

 The emotional dad lost his battle at High Court on Friday

"There are times I find it impossible to reach out and hug her. I have this inner block.

"But at the same time I'm filled with this profound sense of guilt and it is extremely challenging to try to reconcile those extremely difficult feelings.

"But then there's this beautiful girl who's not responsible for her being and she needs the best opportunity in life.

"I feel not only a duty as a father but a moral duty to do as much for her as I do the other children in the family. It's a very difficult situation for my wife and I."

 The dad tried to sue IVF Hammersmith Limited, a top fertility clinic in Harley Street, claiming his ex forged his signature to conceive his baby

His ex partner used the forged signature in October 2010 – five months after their relationship broke down- to get pregnant with the six-year-old.

The pair already had a son, conceived through IVF, and more of their eggs and sperm were being stored at the west London clinic run by IVF Hammersmith Limited of Harley Street.

The Judge said the dad, who the court heard loves his daughter dearly, had been "morally vindicated" But he explained that the law views parenthood as a "benefit" and that it is "morally unacceptable" to regard children as a "financial liability".

Judy Flemming of IVF Hammersmith, which denied liability, said it acted with "reasonable care".

She added: "We have reinforced our procedures to go above and beyond the industry standard and ensure such a case couldn't occur again."


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