Dairy farmer’s family get death threats from militant vegans after sharing pictures of calves online

MILITANT vegans sent death threats to a dairy farmer and his family after he posted pictures of newborn calves online.

The sick trolls said they would target Jonny Crickmore, wife Dulcie and their two young children after they proudly announced the birth of triplets on their eco farm.

Jonny, 37, said they had been swamped with “five solid days of death threats, abuse and harassment” on Facebook and Twitter. He added: “We have had some really horrible comments.

“It kicked off from a post we put on Facebook and Twitter when we had calf triplets born.

“Some vegans found it and posted it on to these activist groups in America — and within a few hours it escalated.”

Jonny, who denies the trolls’ claims that calves are slaughtered on his free-range farm, said: “I’m quite thick-skinned but my wife didn’t like it at all.

“We have been careful to lock all our doors, etc.

"We have never had nasty things like this said about us before.”

Jonny said customers were also abused.

But the sick onslaught has backfired as the Crickmores have been backed by over 900 five-star reviews.

Sales of cheese and raw milk at the award-winning Fen Farm Dairy near Bungay, Suffolk, have soared.

The Vegan Society said: “We condemn any threats of violence and encourage vegan activists to share their messages peacefully and positively.

“Vegans rely on farmers for food. We are not against them.”

The abuse was reported to cops and a Suffolk Police spokesman said: “We are looking into the matter.”

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