Desperate teen prostitutes were ’paid in rice to have sex with Oxfam perverts’ in Haiti

DESPERATE teen prostitutes were paid in rice to have sex with Oxfam aid workers in Haiti.

Girls as young as 14 were hired for drunken romps in a villa rented by the charity.

Ex-gangster Prosguel Andre, 36, has claimed Oxfam drivers asked pimps to supply prostitutes and cocaine for aid worker parties.

He said: “The pimps were paid $50 (£36) per girl, but the girls got just 400 Haitian gourdes (£4.45) and rice as they were desperate to feed their families.”

The girls, aged 14 to 19, turned to prostitution after the 2010 earthquake that killed 220,000 in Haiti and left 1.5million homeless.

Andre added: “Everyone knew the aid workers had money and liked to enjoy themselves. But these girls were just hungry and needed to feed their families.”

The Oxfam sex scandal broke last week amid claims the charity tried to cover up a whistleblower’s claims.

Oxfam admitted the behaviour of some staff had been “totally unacceptable”, but said a probe “found no evidence that rice was used to pay prostitutes”.


ONE in four female aid workers have been sexually assaulted by male colleagues, according to damning reports.

Nearly half of those who reported it said nothing was done and a quarter lost their jobs.

A US university compiled data from three probes into charities and UN organisations.

Researchers who studied thousands of interviews said: “Sexual harassment and assault is seen as permissible.”'paid%20in%20rice%20to%20have%20sex%20with%20Oxfam%20perverts'%20in%20Haiti” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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