DiNapoli uses 5-month-old data to boost de Blasio’s re-election bid

Democratic State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli on Friday released a good-news city jobs report — containing five-month old data — to boost Mayor de Blasio just days ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Gov. Cuomo has refused to endorse heavily favored de Blasio amid a years long feud between the two powerful Democrats.

But DiNapoli, a statewide office holder who hasn’t appeared at a press conference with the mayor since early 2014, appeared with de Blasio at the downtown Maven Clinic and credited him with helping increase tech sector jobs in the city.

And he said afterwards that he backs de Blasio’s re-election.

His report included quarterly data through the end of 2016, which was available as early as April.

“Certainly it has nothing to do with the mayoral primary,” Dinapoli insisted, when asked about the timing and the delay in releasing the report.

“The comptroller’s office accumulates mountains of data on a regular basis and we have a pipeline of reports that often take longer than I’d like to have them take, to get produced and to get finalized,” he said.

“So this has been on our schedule to do for a long period of time, and this is the date that worked out for our staff to be available. And I felt it was important to have the mayor here as well to show the significance that this sector has on the mayor’s thinking.”

DiNapoli turned to de Blasio and said that “much of the credit for the success goes to the ways in which you nurtured the tech sector during your tenure as mayor.”

He also ticked off four initiatives that were launched by de Blasio related to technology.

The state comptroller released a similar report in April 2014 — covering 2009 through 2013 — just months after de Blasio took office.

The latest report focused on the post-recession years of 2010 through 2016.

It showed an increase of 46,900 tech sector jobs over that time period — to 128,600.

Median pay in the sector hit $147,300 in 2016, up from $118,600 in 2013.

Source: http://nypost.com/2017/09/08/dinapoli-uses-5-month-old-data-to-boost-de-blasios-re-election-bid/

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