Distressed mum’s urgent Hatchimals warning to parents after daughter gets chemical burn from bath bomb

A CONCERNED mother has warned parents not to buy Hatchimals bath bombs for their kids this Christmas – after her daughter was left with chemical burns.

Jennifer Renee, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, posted disturbing pictures of her daughter Willow’s painful looking injures on Facebook last week.

She claims her child was sat in the bath for only 30 seconds when her skin became inflamed.

Willow was later diagnosed as having suffered a chemical burn and not an allergic reaction.

Jennifer wrote: “Do NOT buy this for your children!

"Followed directions on package and placed in her bathtub.

"Thought it would be fun for her because there was a toy inside.

"After being in the water 30-45 seconds she stated her skin was hurting, upon looking she has received a chemical burn from a KIDS BATH BOMB.

“(No she was not holding it and she has used multiple different kinds of bath bombs and never had this reaction).

"Just a warning people."

Hatchimals are the latest Christmas toy craze and come in a number of different forms including toys, stuffed animals and bathroom products.

After calling the company, Jennifer revealed that the batch number is being investigated and will "likely" be recalled.

Her post has since gone viral with other parents thanking her for letting them know about the allegedly faulty product.

One social media user wrote: “I just bought one of these for my wife’s niece for Christmas, yesterday. Definitely taking it back."

Another parent posted: “I bought one of these for my son for Christmas. Not going to use it now.

“Thanks so much for sharing and hope your baby girl gets better, that is AWFUL.”

It comes as a mum was left mortified when her daughter’s Hatchimal Christmas present started making sex noises.

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