Dog eats discarded food stuffed with pins in NYC park

A golden retriever named Murphy is lucky to be alive after swallowing 10 pins surreptitiously placed inside discarded food in Fort Tryon Park.

Owner Terence Doherty rushed the poor pup to the vet Wednesday when he noticed she passed two of the pins during a walk, ABC 7 reported.

Doherty believes the dozens of sharp pins were intentionally placed inside the food that was left along a pathway.

“It was just shocking to look down and see. It was like evil,” Doherty told the network. “I have to believe it was an evil person that was behind it all.”

Doherty said Murphy chomped on food in the same spot Monday and Tuesday in the upper Manhattan park — and that both times, she was left with pins in her mouth.

He didn’t realize she’d swallowed any until Wednesday, when he rushed her to Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital for emergency surgery.

“The pins were crisscrossing in every direction,” said Doherty.

An X-ray showed eight of the pins still in the 6-year-old dog’s stomach.

“I’m kind of horrified because it sounds like the pins were put in there and that implication is what terrifies me,” said Dr. Hilary Jones of Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital. “Eight pins?

“These could have migrated, they could hit major organs. They could be a like a life-ending issue.”

The brave pooch was recovering from surgery Wednesday and is expected to be just fine.

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