Is Donald Trump scared of stairs? These pictures could prove the truth once and for all

DONALD Trump has long been rumoured to suffer from an unusual phobia – the fear of falling down STAIRS.

Gossip about his "bathmophobia" – which also includes a fear of slopes – has been a stumbling block for the US President for years.

 President Donald Trump grasped Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as they walked up the stairs
 Rumours about Trump's alleged fear of stairs have circulated for years

Now the issue has once again arisen after a press conference with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, where the former business mogul appeared to need help to get up a short flight of stairs back to the White House.

Mr McConnell could be seen offering the President's an arm to cling onto as the pair stepped up.

In January Trump grabbed Prime Minister Theresa May's hand when she visited the White House.

A British government source told Politico that the 71-year-old latched onto May because of an "unseen ramp".

Sources say Trump grabbed May’s hand to steady himself and then rubbed it in thanks.

 Trump held Theresa Mays hand on a slope in January when the pair walked onto a slope
 The self-confessed germophobe reportedly hates touching stair handrails
 US. President Donald Trump arrives on the Marine One helicopter to board Air Force last month

Downing Street would not discuss the president’s alleged phobia, instead dubbing the hand holding “a chivalrous gesture”.

The President’s phobia is reportedly behind his refusal to visit one close aide’s office in the White House because it’s up a flight of stairs from the Oval Office.

In April the Times reported officials planning Donald Trump's state visit to Britain had discussed ways of keeping the US president away from stairs after reading reports that he has a phobia of steps and slopes.

Planners wanted to stage events on the ground floor of buildings, and reportedly designed routes for Trump that avoid staircases.

 Trump navigates some stairs at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York last month
 Trump and first lady Melania arrive to meet with flood survivors and volunteers who assisted in relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey
 Trump once admitted he hates shaking hands
 President Donald Trump holds an umbrella as he walks down the stairs of Air Force One at Piedmont Triad International Airport earlier this month
 President Donald Trump gives a thumbs up as he walks down the stairs of Air Force One upon his arrival at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida in March
 Downing Street called the hand holding a 'chivalrous gesture' by the President

The 45th president was due to visit Britain this month to enjoy a state dinner at Buckingham Palace and a trip to the Queen's Scottish retreat Balmoral, but this has been postponed because of widespread anti-Trump sentiment in the UK.

Trump is a self-confessed "germaphobe" and does not like using handrails and has spoken about his extreme dislike of shaking hands.
In 2014 Trump tweeted criticism of Barack Obama for running down Air Force One's stairs.

"Do not fall," he wrote.


It is distinct from climacophobia as bathmophobia sufferers can panic at the mere sight of a steep staircase.

Climacophobia sufferers typically experience fear only when climbing or going down stairs.

The crippling condition is common in animals especially household pets.

A common cause of the fear is a negative experience of stairs or steep slopes in childhood.

Both bathmophobia and climacophobia are commonly related to other disorders.

For example, symptoms relating to acrophobia (fear of heights) or illygnophobia (a fear of vertigo) can be mistaken for bathmophobia.

Sufferers are often treated using cognitive-behavioural therapy which helps replace fears with rational alternatives.


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