Driver leaves his car in a town centre after a night out and comes back the next morning to find a fun fair has been put up around it

A DRIVER who left his car in a town centre overnight had a nasty shock when he returned the next morning to see a funfair had been built around it.

Martin Ross had headed out for the evening on Saturday leaving his white Lexus safely parked to pick up the following day… or so he thought.

 The Lexus was trapped in its spot after the rides were put up

When he returned brightly coloured rides and stalls surrounded his car with fair workers laughing at the bemused driver.

Martin told the Derby Telegraph: "I couldn’t really see much until I saw them setting it up.

“I started to worry really thinking they’ve either towed it away or clamped it. I went to see that they’ve just built the fair round it instead.

“When I got there, there were a few fair workers who were laughing at me but it wasn’t that hard to get out."

 This is the car park in Ripley where Martin had left his car overnight

The 45-year-old saw the funny side after managing to carefully manoeuvre his vehicle from Market Square in Ripley, Derbyshire.

A pal posted the picture to social media where it had the town's residents in stitches.

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