Ed Sheeran reveals he is a Corbynista fanboy saying Jeremy Corbyn ‘cares about other people’ – but coy over whether he voted Labour

ED SHEERAN has revealed he is a Corbynista fanboy saying Jeremy Corbyn “cares about other people” – but is coy over whether he’s actually voted for the Labour party.

The superstar singer says he loves “everything Corbyn is about”, but insisted he doesn’t want to be known as a political celebrity.

In an interview with the Sunday Times he said: “I have political views, but nobody buys my records going, ‘I wonder what he thinks about politics?’.

“Nobody. People buy my records to put on while they make out. I’m not Mr Political.

“I vote the way I feel I should, but won’t tell somebody else what to do.”

Speaking about the song ‘What Do I Know?’ on his most recent album, which is about his dad telling him not to get involved in politics and offer love instead of social commentary, he said he would never get behind any individual party.

But when the interviewer mentioned that the only crowd to rival the size of his own at Glastonbury earlier this year was the Labour leader the 26-year-old blurted out: “I love Corbyn.

“I love everything Corbyn is about. And I feel people thought that, because I didn’t put myself behind him, I wasn’t a Corbyn supporter.

“But if you knew me as a person, and listened to my music, you would be able to make a pretty educated guess that he would be the kind of person I really dig.”

Asked why he supported him Mr Sheeran added: “He cares about other people.

“He cares about all classes, races and generations, and that’s how I was brought up — we need more people that care about everyone.”

But just as he was getting into his stride he seemingly remembers his earlier words about not being too political and added: “We’ll not go too much into that, though.”

It is not the first time he has talked politically, after an interview with NME in July saw him say: “I don’t get involved in politics.

“But I will say one thing: I was born a European and I f**king love being a European. You can probably guess my answer from that.”

Last week Mr Sheeran was awarded an MBE at Buckingham Palace for his services to music and charity.

He was presented with the honour by Prince Charles, after afterwards said he would be happy to play the first song at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception.

And after unveiling a new duet with Beyonce, the multi-platinum record star is now favourite to bag his first Christmas number one.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5113945/ed-sheeran-reveals-he-is-a-corbynista-fanboy-saying-jeremy-corbyn-cares-about-other-people-but-doesnt-back-labour/

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