Egypt hot air balloon horror leaves one dead and 12 injured after it crashes near Luxor with 20 people on board

A FEMALE tourist died and 12 have been injured after a hot-air balloon carrying 20 people crashed in Egypt.

Luxor governor Mahmoud Badr confirmed the passengers had been rushed to hospital but there is no update on their condition.

A 36-year-old female South African tourist was reported to have been killed in the crash near the ancient city of Luxor. No Brits were involved in the accident, according to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Sharif Wadie, the assistant health minister in charge of emergency services, said there were no other fatalities but did not elaborate on the extent of the passengers' injuries.

Officials say the sightseeing balloon crashed over the ancient city this morning when strong winds blew it off course.

Other balloons had taken off around the same time but landed safely, the officials added.

Earlier in the day, Egypt's meteorological service had warned of strong winds across the country mainly in the Nile River delta and northern Egypt.

Hot air balloon flights above Luxor are famous among tourists for because of the spectacular views of the ancient Karnak and the temples of Luxor.

Such flights usually start before sunrise and pass over green fields leading to the Valley of the Kings the burial site of famous boy king Tutankhamun and other pharaohs.

In 2013, 19 tourists including three Brits were killed when their balloon caught fire while flying over the tourist hotspot.

It was the deadliest balloon crash since the infamous Hindenburg disaster in 1937 that killed 36 people.

The 2013 tragedy came four years after 13 foreign tourists were injured when their hot air balloon struck a communications mast in Luxor and crashed.

Since then, balloon rides are monitored by cameras and banned from flying above 2,000 metres.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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