Emmanuel Macron ’will force Britain to pay for the cost of setting up customs posts at Calais after Brexit’

EMMANUEL MACRON is set to demand millions from Theresa May to pay for post-Brexit border controls in Calais, it was reported last night.

The two leaders are expected to hold their first one-on-one summit next month where they will discuss the future of the cross-Channel border.

The French president – who wants to be seen as Europe’s most powerful politician – will confront the PM saying Britain must pay for the cost of building new customs controls after we quit the EU, the Daily Telegraph reported.

But in a significant win for Mrs May, the idea of moving the border from Calais to Dover has apparently been dropped.

When he was a minister under Francois Hollande, Mr Macron warned Brexit could threaten the treaty between Britain and France which means the border is legally located on the French side of the Channel.

But the focus now appears to be on beefing up existing controls rather than moving them entirely.

Jean-Paul Mulot, northern France’s official envoy to the UK, told the Telegraph it would cost hundreds of millions of pounds to build new customs posts to check goods travelling between Britain and the EU.

He said the bill should be shared between France, the UK and other European countries, adding that Britain has a duty to “provide some funding”.

The bill would come on top of the £39billion divorce payment Mrs May has already agreed to pay the EU in order to begin talks on a future trade deal.

Senior Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith said: “There is no logical or legal reason why Britain should pay anything towards this.

"Theresa May can smile sweetly at Mr Macron and tell him there will not be a penny more than has already been agreed.”

The PM’s meeting with Mr Macron comes as part of a Brexit strategy aimed at bypassing Eurocrats such as Jean-Claude Juncker and lobbying national leaders individually.

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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5223024/emmanuel-macron-will-force-britain-to-pay-for-the-cost-of-setting-up-customs-posts-at-calais-after-brexit/

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