‘Explosion’ in city centre as people evacuated from theatre

A city centre ‘explosion’ forced a theatre and library to be evacuated, according to reports.

People reported hearing a ‘huge bang’ in Birmingham at about 8.30pm as emergency services were called to the scene.

The area around Broad Street has been cordoned off and there is a "large police presence".

Roads around the Repertory Theatre and Library of Birmingham were closed following an explosion in a basement at the theatre, police said.

Many have taken to Twitter to describe the ‘deafening’ noise while asking for answers as to what’s going on.

There is a large presence of emergency services in the area and police are advising people to stay away. No one is thought to have been injured.

Westside BID tweeted: "Police are attending the incident at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

"The theatre has been evacuated and the surrounding areas cordoned off.

"Please stay away from that area until further information is given."

Eyewitness Paul Cave,33, said: "I was on Broad Street having a drink with the wife when we heard this deafening noise.

"It was like a bomb going off and that’s what we feared. Everyone stayed pretty calm though but you could see people thinking the worst.

"Police were there very quickly and have done a good job cordoning off the area and diverting traffic."

One Twitter user said: "Hope whatever’s going on in Birmingham is nothing serious."

Another said: "Weird explosion noise in Birmingham city centre just by the Barclay card arena."

One named only as Tom said: "Quite worried by that huge explosion in Birmingham. We were right next to it.

"Anyone know what it was? Police everywhere now."

He added: "It’s all kicking off."

The Rep theatre said: "We can confirm there was a technical fault this evening and the theatre was evacuated as a precautionary measure.

"We’re pleased to report there were no injuries. Many thanks to the emergency services for their help."

West Midlands Police tweeted: "All emergency services are currently at Birmingham’s Repertory Theatre, Broad St following reports of an explosion.

"Initial indications are that this was a technical fault in a staff only area. No casualties are reported.

"Everyone has been evacuated are are being kept safe."

The police force followed up with: "All roads around BirminghamRep & LibraryofBham are closed following an explosion in a staff only area of the theatre.

"There is a large presence by all emergency services. Please stay away."

West Midlands Fire Service have said: "We are currently supporting WMPolice at an incident at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Broad St, Birmingham.

"Please AVOID the area."

Birmingham Police added: "All businesses on Birmingham’s Broad Street are open as usual following an explosion in the basement of BirminghamRep.

"Looks as though this was a technical fault. No reports of casualties.

"All theatre goers are being looked after at another venue. Diversions in place."

An employee at the theatre reportedly said the explosion happened in the plant room ‘where all the machines that keep the building running are kept, including generators, heating, lighting systems and electrics.’

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Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/birmingham-citycentre-police-explosion-bang-12021567

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