FEMALE politicians in Westminster have bravely spoken out about the harassment and assaults they have faced as young women in politics.

MPs from across the spectrum told the Evening Standard their stories of attacks, gropes and sexual assaults featured in their early careers.

 Politicians have spoken out about sexual harassment they have faced in and outside of Parliament

The news comes after reports last weekend that the European Parliament was a "hotbed" of harassment as more than a dozen claimed they had faced harassment from MEPs and other officials.

The Evening Standard revealed today that female politicians had faced:

 Labour party politician Dawn Butler has said she was forced to change how she dressed to avoid advances from a man at work

Shadow Women and Equalities Minister Dawn Butler today called for a new human resources body in Parliament to support MPs and staff.

The Labour MP revealed she had to wear trousers to work for years after she was sexually harassed early in her former careers as a computer programmer.

And former Culture Minister Maria Miller spoke out to say she too had been sexually harassed.

She told 5 News: "Of course I have. We all have."

 Labour Women chair Jess Phillips recalled numerous incidents of sexual harassment

Today Jess Phillips said she was attacked by her boss before she became an MP.

"I had fallen asleep on the sofa and when I woke up he was undoing my belt and trying to get into my trousers," she recalled.

"I was absolutely paralysed with fear. He was loads older than me — maybe 25 years older."

She was also slammed up against a wall and groped by men in a bar when she was in her late teens, and experienced a man masturbating at her and friends on the way to school.

 Conservative MP Theresa Villiers said she hoped more women would speak out and report harassment

Former Tory minister Theresa Villiers told of how she had been felt up leaving a Conservative function event when she was a candidate.

"As I was leaving at the end of the evening after having made my speech, I had to fend off some groping hands from one of the event organisers," she said.

And Baroness Jenkin, who campaigns to increase the number of women in parliament, said that "men used to hit on you all the time" in the past.

"I was with an MP once in a car and he was trying to stroke my neck," she said. "I was swerving all over the road."

The politicians urged other women and girls to come forward and speak out about their experiences – and to report it.

 Weinstein (left) has faced a slew of allegations from Hollywood stars, including Brit actress Kate Beckinsale (right)

They were speaking out after the shamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's former chauffeur revealed more of the film chief's sick secrets last weekend.

They claimed he had sex yards away from his pregnant wife's room, and that another incident where a girl in the back of a car begged him: "Don't hurt me".

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4748110/female-politicians-in-westminster-reveal-sexual-assault-being-fondled-by-mps-and-groped-at-events/

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