Female therapist ’seduced patient in hot tub and kissed her breasts and inner thighs’

A THERAPIST has been accused of kissing and groping a female patient in her home's hot tub.

Aracely Schutters, 45, was arrested Monday after claims she plied the woman with booze, tempted her into the tub and kissed her 'breasts, inner thigh and groin'.

Cops claim the social worker invited the woman to her home, in Iowa, US, under the guise of helping with her issues.

The woman went into Schutters’ hot tub intending to discuss the problems.

Schutters allegedly told her accuser: “This is so wrong. I can’t be your counselor anymore.”

She apologised after the patient got out of the hot tub and left the home, police said.

In an interview with cops, the therapist confessed to kissing the woman in the hot tub.

Schutters was arrested while leaving work and booked at Scott County Jail.

She was released Tuesday on £3,500 ($5,000) bail.

The therapist is scheduled to appear in court Feb 2.

A version of this story originally appeared on Nypost.com

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