The final moments of doomed helicopter crash

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Eerie video footage taken from inside the cockpit of the helicopter that crashed into the East River on Sunday shows some of the final minutes of the passengers — with one giving a thumb’s up to the camera.

Photographer Trevor Cadigan, 26, of Dallas, Texas, took the video of himself and other passengers and posted it to Instagram just minutes before the crash that killed him and four others, with only the pilot surviving.

The video then pans to the river and a bridge and the setting sun in the distance.

Cadigan was a video journalist who just moved to New York City a few months ago, relatives said.

The dead also included two New York City residents — Tristan Hill, 30, of the sightseeing-tour company Sightsy, and Daniel Thompson, 34, who worked for the helicopter company — as well as 26-year-old firefighter Brian McDaniel of Dallas and Argentinian Carla Vallejos-Blanco, 29, officials said.

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