First picture of killer Uber driver who murdered British diplomat Rebecca Dykes in Lebanon has been released

THIS is the face of the Uber driver who has confessed to killing British diplomat Rebecca Dykes in Lebanon.

The driving licence of Tarek Houchiye emerged along with documents showing he faked his criminal record papers so he could work as a cabbie in Beirut.

Houchiye, also known as Hesso, was said to have hidden his convictions for drugs offences and assault.

Days later, the 29-year-old strangled Rebecca, 30, as he took her home after a night out.

Uber said it was aware of the documents but that it was up to the government to make checks.

A security source said: “It is well known that he had a criminal past and convictions.

“However it appears he has either bribed someone to wipe his record and provide this document.

“Or indeed the document is a fake.” Last night Uber confirmed the licence and document was genuine, and linked with the arrested driver.

They said that they were aware of the documents but said it is the government that carries out the background checks and gives them a licence.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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