Flu is on the brink of epidemic levels in parts of England — with York worst for infections

FLU is on the brink of epidemic levels in parts of England — with York worst for infections.

Numbers battling the virus have rocketed 78 per cent in a week, says the Royal College of GPs.

Separate stats reveal GP flu consultations in York are at 104.4 per 100,000 people.

A level of 108.9 per 100,000 signals an epidemic.

Other badly-hit areas include Herefordshire (99.7), Gateshead (88.2) and Hampshire (86.8).

The average across England is 34.9.

The winter toll is at least 93 in England and Scotland. Victims include Bethany Walker, 18, who died of pneumonia in hospital in Inverness.

Prof Simon de Lusignan, of the Royal College of GPs, said: “We can certainly say that last week was when flu in England took off.

“Given how unpredictable flu can be, it is impossible to say how this will progress. Rates may increase, level or even decline.”

Dr Adam Kucharski, at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, warned the UK could be in trouble if the virus mutates. Alan Weir, of St John Ambulance, urged Brits to get the flu jab.

NHS go to France

A FRENCH hospital will help Brits affected by cancelled NHS operations – despite the nation experiencing a flu epidemic.

Numbers of patients with the virus in France were 12 times higher than England last week.

But Calais Hospital has made a deal with South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group, a local NHS body for the Folkestone and Dover area.

Treatment costs are covered by the NHS, but patients pay for travel.

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