Former senior Trump aide Jason Miller denies 'slipping abortion pill into smoothie of stripper he got pregnant'

Jason Miller – who served on the US President’s 2016 campaign team – has revealed he will now quit his role as a CNN political commentator to focus on clearing his name following the claims.

The explosive court filings allege before his high-profile extramarital fling with A.J. Delgado – another Trump  staffer – he bedded a stripper he met at Orlando's Rachel’s Steakhouse and Gentleman’s Club.

However, when the erotic dancer fell pregnant, Miller allegedly dosed her drink with an abortion pill, without her knowledge, according to the legal papers.

The pill caused the woman – known only as Jane Doe – to wind up in the emergency room “bleeding heavily and nearly went into a coma,” the documents state.

She was hospitalised for two days with “the abortion pill possibly reacting with potential street drugs in her system” at the time she drank the smoothie, according to the documents.

'To be clear, none of this is is in any way true. That doesn't matter however in the current court of public opinion, where fraudulent statements and a lack of factual support rule the day as long as it fits into a tweet."

When the alleged relationship began in 2012 Miller was working for the prominent Republican advertising firm Jamestown Associates.

The court documents were filed on September 14 in Miami-Dade Circuit Court as part of an ongoing custody battle between Miller and Delgado, reports the New York Post.

With the allegations entered into court record, Delgado asked for Miller to undergo psychological evaluation, saying she fears for their son’s safety.

“I’m concerned for my safety (more importantly, my son’s) with Miller and afraid of his reaction if I add comment,” she told Splinter News.

Delgado conceived a son during an affair that began when she and married Miller were both working on the 2016 campaign.

At the time, Miller’s wife was also pregnant with their second daughter.

In December of that year, President-elect Trump announced he would be appointing Miller as his communications director, but Miller backed out two days later, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, he also accused Delgado of having mental and emotional issues and promised to clear his name and hold Delgado and Splinter – who first revealed the news –  accountable.


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