Furious mum confronts Sadiq Khan saying she 'doesn't feel safe' in her city after violent crime spike

A passionate Mum was given a huge round of applause as she grilled the London Mayor last night over the capital's soaring violent crime epidemic.

More than 80 murder investigations have already been launched in the capital today since the start of the year.

The most recent victim was a 20-year old who was stabbed to death in Edmonton earlier this week after a baseball bat fight.

During last night's State of London debate, hosted by LBC, a fuming Mum lashed out at the Mayor.

She stormed: "There are no bobbies on our street, Londoners don’t feel safe, our communities don’t feel safe."

To cheers from the audience she went on: "You give me statistics Mr Khan, but for me as a parent, I’m telling you, we do not feel safe.

“We do not feel safe in London and we want you to do something about it!”

But the London Mayor told her he was doing all he could to tackle it, and blamed police cuts and lack of funds from Westminster.

He said: "We have raised council tax to the maximum the laws allowed us plus used business rates to help the police.

"So 140-million pounds over the last two years – the most they’ve received from a Mayor ever over two years.

"But the problem is it’s 140-million pounds when [the government] has taken away 720-million pounds."

The Mayor claims to be doing as much as possible – including diverting more money to the police, and schemes to help kids stay away from gangs.

But the problem has spread to the home counties now too – as startling figures showed people were more likely to be stabbed in Bedfordshire than Manchester.

Violent crime has soared by more than 50 per cent in some parts of the UK as the latest crime stats showed the country has seen a huge spike.

Moped crimes are also on the rise – with even comedian Michael McIntyre becoming a victim.

He added: “It is the case we have the most anti-London government we’ve ever had in history, and I’m afraid Londoners are paying the price.”

During last night's debate security guards were also forced to step in to chuck out demonstrators who were protecting him.

The 90-minute debate had to be haled as pro-Tommy Robinson activists heckled the Mayor.

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