Genius train passenger opens his bottle of Becks with incredible life hack while travelling on a Southern Rail train

A RESOURCEFUL rail passenger has discovered a genius life hack that allowed him to open his beer bottle – using the TRAIN.

Patrick Dalton, 39, was travelling on a strike-hit Southern Rail train when it occurred to him that he could open his bottle of lager on the grates in the ceiling of the train.

A self-shot video shows Patrick getting up from his seat to crack the lid of his bottle, before sitting back down to drink it.

Ingenious Patrick likened his achievement to American action-adventure television series MacGyver and survival expert Ray Mears.

But he later admitted he may have been exaggerating his feat, saying: "I'm going to dial that back to 'The Fonz', I was over excited."

The post provoked lots of response on Twitter, with many praising Patrick’s ingenuity.

A pal wrote "You're not working hard Patrick, you're working smart", while a second user shared a photo of survival expert Bear Grylls, with the caption: "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome."

A third poster simply added: "Genius."

Patrick said: "I'm humbled by the response. I found myself in a survival situation & had to rely on my wits to stay hydrated.

"I only hope this can be passed on to other Southern users to help ease their suffering. It certainly helped my journey along nicely."

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