Gran 'told cops teen who rotted to death on living room mattress while wearing nappies was an idiot and stupid'

Jordan Burling, 18, was found dead on a filthy inflatable mattress at his Leeds home in June 2016, covered in pressure sores like a "WWII extermination camp victim".

Cranston, 70, is accused of the manslaughter of the teenager who she lived with along with Jordon's mother and sister at Leeds Crown Court.

Jordan's gran Denise Cranston, 70, told Leeds Crown Court she and his mum Dawn Cranston, 45, were like his servants, because they would dress him for as long as 45 minutes up to two hours.

But during police interviews, the grandmother said Jordan could be "stubborn" and he refused to walk – saying that he would have "utterly refused" if a doctor had been called.

She said: "With hindsight, I thought he was stupid, he was an idiot. He was stubborn, he wouldn't let anyone through that door if he knew you had phoned."

She claimed they would change his nappy like a baby as he soiled or wet himself up to "five times a day", a court heard.

Cranston told police that around two or three months before Jordan died they brought him a mattress and a blow-up bed into the living room for him to sleep on.

The teen was found weighing less than six stone, in a soiled nappy and covered in pressure sores when paramedics arrived at his home.

Denise said: "He ended up flat on his back. We tried to put him on his side, but he always ended up on his back. We did all that for him.

"We were like a servant to him. I don't know if Dawn thought of it like that."

Denise, Dawn and Jordan's sister Abigail Burling, 25, are accused of manslaughter and an alternative charge of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.

They deny all the charges.

Jurors at Leeds Crown Court were also told the remains of a baby boy were found in a bag at the property.

Dawn admitted to endeavouring to conceal the birth of a child.

Prosecutors said Jordan died after becoming riddled with infected sores and being "allowed to decay" for weeks.

Giving evidence during the trial, Jordan's dad Steven Burling said he built a "brick wall" around himself after discovering how his son had died.

Steven who appeared tearful in the witness box, said he "can't really grieve".

He told the court he last saw his son, with whom he had limited contact, around two years before his death.

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