Granddad buys huge 10ft photo of Forth Bridge – and seems to forget where he lives

The lovable pensioner “seemingly forgot he could just open the blinds” when he purchased the piece at a sportsman’s dinner.

Murphy Green, a twitter account devoted to the family dog, posted the hysterical video which had more than half a million views and nearly 10,000 retweets in the first 20 hours.

It shows the 10ft picture, which takes up more than half of the living room wall. It then pans past a grumpy granddad sitting in an armchair – while the spectacular landmark can be seen from the window behind him.

Murphy Green captioned the footage: "So grandad was at a sportsman’s dinner and bought a 10ft X 4ft picture of the forth rail bridge.

“Seemingly he forgot he could just open da blinds. Granny not happy with him.”

Some social media users were wondering whether the pensioner had been enjoying himself a bit too much when he made the purchase.

One asked: “Has he sobered up yet?!”

And another said: "Very funny! Sportsman's dinner – was there alcohol involved?"

Others were concerned about how much trouble the man would be in with Murphy Green's grandma.

One wrote said: "This is fantastic I would happily buy it off him if it’ll make your Granny happy and get him out the bad books. DM me if yous want rid of it. Haha brilliant"

Murphy Green replied to one Twitter user saying: "Granny is ready to chuck it and him into the garage."

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