Gruesome photo shows a stag with the SEVERED HEAD of a rival deer lodged in its antlers

THIS incredible photo shows a stag with the severed head of a rival deer lodged in its antlers.

The amazing but gory shot was captured by Jim Brown, who spotted the two animals on a trail camera he planted in the wilds of North Dakota.

The pair then vanished before the camera picked up the grisly image near the town of Walhalla.

The stomach-churning snap shows the severed head of one animal hanging from the antlers of the living buck.

Jim said: "I believe I had both of those bucks alive in an earlier picture.

"Then all of a sudden that one, that's how he showed up."

He said the buck remained in the area for a couple weeks, all the time with the severed head of its sparring foe tangled in its antlers.

Jim added: "He didn't look very good. On the pictures, he looked skinny, and I'm sure he wasn't eating very well.

"And then we got the cold temperatures and nobody saw him again after that.

"I'm sure he probably died."

Speculating on how it happened, Jim said: "My guess he ripped it off.

"I can't imagine the coyotes got one but not the one that was alive – because they'll take down a full deer no problem, especially if he was stressed out like that.

"I personally think he just broke the head off himself, but who knows?"” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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