Hard-up Ukrainian student, 18, offers to sell her virginity for £1,500 to ’the first real man’ because ’it’s better than losing it at some drunken party’

A DESPERATE Ukrainian student is offering to sell her virginity to a "real man" because she urgently needs £1,500.

The teenager, named Yulia, told a local newspaper in Melitopol: "Sooner or later I will have to say goodbye to it. So it is better to do it this way than at some drunken party."

 The advert which was placed in the teenager's local free newspaper

It reads: "Lovely girl, 18 years old, a student. Will give my virginity to a serious man who offers me financial assistance of 50,000 hryvnia (£1,500).

"The meeting will take place in Melitopol only at a place of my choice."

She claims she needs the money for a good cause, she said, not to spend on "entertainment" or to "waste".

Candidates were told to call her on Skype.

A picture said to show a glimpse of Yulia is included in the advertisement.

 The 'romantic coupling' will take place in the Ukrainian city of Melitopol

She told journalists she would submit to a medical examination at a local hospital nominated by her "sponsor" to prove she was still a virgin.

She explained that she had had boyfriends before but had kept her virginity.

"There will be no competition," she said. "I will say yes to the first real man."

However, the first responses to her advertisement were not "serious", she said.

She had a plan to guard against her suitor being "a maniac or other unsuitable person", she said.

A male friend would accompany her to collect the money when she first meets her "date."

If Yulia did not call him in one hour after the payment was made, he would call the police.

She said she needed the money urgently for an important reason but declined to say what it was.

"This is private," she said.

The freesheet Torbinka said it was the first time they had carried an advertisement selling virginity.

 Romanian model Aleexandra Kefren said she sold her virginity for £2million
 The model used agency Cinderella Escorts to sell her virginity

This is not the first time that women have made headlines by attempting to sell their virginity off to the highest bidder.

Earlier this year, Romanian model Aleexandra Kefren, 18, shocked Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby when she appeared on This Morning to discuss her decision to sell her virginity.

The teenager later claimed she the auction had been successful, with a businessman from Hong Kong reportedly offering £2million. 

However, the sale was not entirely smooth sailing – Aleexandra's parents threatened to disown her when the news went public.

But this did not put off Austrian teenager, known only as Kim, who was so inspired by Aleexandra's story that she then listed her virginity with the same specialist website, Cinderella Escorts.

Kim, also 18, said he decided to sell her virginity to finance her studies, a flat and a car.

 Teenager Kim also sold her virginity to the highest bidder

Meanwhile, 20-year-old student Ariana and her best friend Lolita, both from Russia, advertised their virginities on an escort site.

Bids started at £130,000 on both auctions, and the money made would reportedly be used to fund studies abroad.

 Ariana also decided to sell her virginity
Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4394246/ukrainian-student-offers-sell-virginity-real-man/

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