Harrods sells out of £950 Aspinal of London handbags after bungling website lists them for £8

LUXURY handbags worth up to £1,000 from Harrods were sold for under a tenner because of a website glitch.

The world famous department store sold out of Aspinal of London handbags this evening after eagle-eyed customers quickly took advantage of the blunder.

Just in time for Christmas, lucky shoppers were able to snap up a bargain – with fine Italian leather bags worth hundreds of pounds being sold for under £5.

A Marylebone tote bag usually costing £950 was on sale for just £8.08. Another £250 pure leather tote bag cost just £2.13.

A shopper told the Evening Standard: "I couldn't believe my eyes and luck when I saw the handbags.

"Now I hope that Harrods honour the mistake and I get my £800 handbag for a fiver."

Harrods has been contacted for comment.


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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5142753/harrods-sells-out-of-950-aspinal-of-london-handbags-after-bungling-website-lists-them-for-8/

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