Henry Bolton admits he LIED about breaking up with racist girlfriend Jo Marney to try and save his job

OUSTED Ukip chief Henry Bolton has admitted he LIED about breaking up with his racist girlfriend Jo Marney in an attempt to save his job.

The 54-year-old ex-leader laughed today as he revealed that the pair had never actually split up at all.

He was forced to dump her by the party after it was revealed that she sent a string of racist and offensive messages about Meghan Markle, but the pair carried on meeting in secret – and were snapped together on the London underground.

LBC host Nick Ferarri asked him today: "Were you ever not together?"

Mr Bolton, who was ousted by party members just last weekend, replied: "No, I was playing on words a bit… we put personal issues in a box to be dealt with later."

He admitted he was in a "very difficult situation" by the party and he had vowed never to betray his loved ones.

But an angry caller stormed: "You lied! You said you wouldn't see her again… and you wonder why people outed you? You betrayed your wife and kids."

Mr Bolton hasn't seen his two daughters in two months, his estranged wife Tatania told ITV yesterday.

And the ex-Ukip chief, who quit the party too yesterday, said that the pair would "probably" get married.

Despite knowing her for just a couple of months, the three-times married man said: "I think that's the direction of travel."

The 25-year-old, who was told yesterday by This Morning hosts Phil and Holly that she wasn't a nice person, said she wasn't on board with pretending like they'd split up.

"There was a bit of friction," she said. "It's hard to sit at home and watch your boyfriend on telly saying that he's not your boyfriend."

But despite his lies to the nation, she says that she "certainly" still trusts him and he's a "bloody great" guy.

"Maybe the public shouldn't trust him, but I do".

The pair said that they were attracted to each other as soon as they met – and Mr Bolton revealed he's ALREADY met her Dad.

Ms Marney denied this morning that she was a white supremacist for saying that she wouldn't sleep with black people, and that Ms Markle would "taint" the Royal family with her "seed".

But she defended her right to say offensive things "in private".

"It was the wrong thing of me to say, but people should be able to express their views in private," she insisted. "I wasn't going out of my way to abuse anyone. I was talking to a Tory and we were winding each other up…. there were too many pints, I had some rather silly things.

"I'm not a racist in any sense."

But she provoked fury among listeners when she said: "In a way I have been a victim. It's been extremely tough for me.

"I was extremely down, my family suffered immensely."

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