Here’s the only video of Jeremy Corbyn playing bass guitar you’ll ever need

Jeremy Corbyn is a man of many talents – gardening, making his own jam, energising a mass movement behind his plan to make Britain a fairer society.

But he’s a rubbish bass player.

Presented with an opportunity to learn the weighty instrument during a trip to Scotland, the Labour leader was filmed singularly failing to rock a phat riff.

The mildly embarrassing moment came during a visit to a community centre in Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, following a rally in Midlothian the previous evening where he predicted the "collapse" of the Conservatives and the rise of a Labour UK government.

He said he was happy to be working with Scottish leader Richard Leonard, who joined him on the campaign trail.

"I’ve known Richard for a very long time, he’s very well prepared to be the leader and very understanding of the economic issues facing Scotland," Mr Corbyn said.

"Our membership has grown, our activities have grown and we’re doing very well in by-elections all over Scotland.

"Yes, we have a lot of campaigning to do and yes, we have a lot of support to get, but fundamentally if this country doesn’t turn the corner and abandon austerity and start investing in jobs, infrastructure and people then what is the future going to be?

"We can’t go on with these levels of inequality all across the UK, and a UK Labour government will change things."

Mr Corbyn said Holyrood "desperately needs" a Labour government and said this would unlock the potential of devolution.

Mr Leonard said his party would end cuts to councils, increase NHS funding and add £5 a week to child benefit.

He said: "I campaigned for a Scottish Parliament 20 years ago with the hope it would allow us to deliver radical change.

"Instead, the past decade has been marked by a nationalist government passing Tory austerity to Scottish communities, with £1.5 billion worth of cuts since 2011.

"With 260,000 children living in poverty, that is simply shameful."


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