Hero soldier Rob French backs our Pounds for Poppies appeal — and reveals his tattoo that marks his seven fallen friends

EX Royal Marine Rob French has seven poppies tattooed on his back, one for each of his pals killed on one tour in Afghanistan in 2008.

The former Lance Corporal says: “Two of them were very, very good friends of mine and the other five were people I met and fought with out there.

 Former Lance Corporal Rob French had seven poppies tattooed to commemorate a friend that he lost in Afghanistan

“I am always remembering them, especially Remembrance Sunday. I carry on with my life but with them on my back they are always with me.”

Rob is urging Sun readers to support our Pounds for Poppies appeal, to donate round pounds that are out of circulation to the poppy appeal.

After nine years in the Marines, he was discharged in 2015 suffering post-traumatic stress and with a wrist injury that left his arm virtually unusable. Rob, 35, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, says: “The main reason I suffer with PTSD is down to the guilt that friends of mine died while I survived.

“The Royal British Legion helped with treatment for my PTSD and also with legal advice as I had to go through a tribunal because I was injured.

 Ex Royal Marine Rob French wants Sun readers to donate their round pounds to the The Royal British Legion

“Remembrance weekend is the time when I can open up a bit with family and friends about those I lost and I can get on with a normal life for the rest of the year.”

Between now and Remembrance Sunday on November 12, more than 150,000 poppy sellers around the country will be happy to take your old £1 coins.

Now a swimming teacher, Rob says: “Make hunting out those old pounds one of your jobs over the next two weeks so the Royal British Legion can help more people like me. Every pound counts.”

 Rob French, 34, served as a Royal Marine from 2006 to 2013
 The hero soldier says Remembrance Day is one of few times he can open up about the friends he lost in Afghanistan
 Rob French was discharged from the Marines in 2015 following a wrist injury and suffering PTSD
 The Royal British Legion will accept your old-style pound coins despite them being out-of-circulation
Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4759031/soldier-backs-pounds-for-poppies/

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