Hilarious Hurricane Ophelia Twitter rant goes viral as man rages against storm – which he calls a ’f****** normal autumn day’

A DEFIANT Northern Irishman stands up to storm Ophelia in a hilarious viral video being shared around the world.

Alan Brennan, who goes by "Big Fish", braved the elements to film the potty-mouthed clip in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim yesterday.

 Alan Brennan filmed his hilarious rant yesterday as he faced the brunt of ex-hurricane Ophelia

Wrapped up in his coat and woolly hat, he tells the camera: "It's like a "f***in' normal autumn day – get a f***in' grip of yourselves."

NI and the Republic received the full brunt of the ex-hurricane yesterday, sweeping in with 80mph winds and knocking out power for hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses.

Schools and colleges were shut yesterday and today north and south of the border, while three people were killed in storm related incidents.

But dad-of-two Alan was fed up with what he thought was an overreaction — and called on people to "get a grip".

 Dad-of-two Alan, who also goes by 'Big Fish', said people were overreacting about the storm
 Alan filmed the hilarious video on his phone and shared it on social media yesterday

He said: "What is wrong with people? You know what's wrong? We're becoming like Americans — drama f***in' queens.

"The schools are off. My son's football's off, because of this! It's f***in' sunny!

"I've played football in hailstones. I'm sick of it. We're Northern Irish, we're made of f***in' hard stuff.

"What are yous going to tell me next, that there's a f***in' volcano going to erupt at the Knockagh (a nearby hill)?

 Alan's clip has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times around the world

"F*** sake sometimes I think I'm the only sane person in this place.

"That says a lot since I've been off my f***in' rocker since I came out of my ma's front bum in '84.

"Come on, get a grip of reality people. Keep it real."

His clip was viewed nearly 400,000 times by midday today.

Schools remained closed in Northern Ireland on Tuesday as residents were warned it could take several days to restore power to some areas suffering outages.

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