Hilarious moment little girl dressed as a sheep ’kidnaps’ baby Jesus during school Nativity so she can be the star of the show

A TODDLER dressed as a sheep "kidnaps" the baby Jesus from the manger so she can be the star of the show in this hilarious Nativity play video.

The furious Virgin Mary is then seen putting the sheep in a headlock as she tries to wrestle the infant Christ back off her.

Two-year-old Teegan Benson, playing the sheep, is first shown sitting quietly beside the crib as a choir sings Away In A Manger at a church pre-school.

Teegan then pulls back the covers, grabs the doll and struts around the stage cradling the baby on her hip.

After a few seconds the older girl playing Mary snatches Jesus out of her hands and lays him back in the stall.

But Teegan runs off with the baby again and is chased by Mary who puts her in a headlock when she refuses to give him back.

Joseph also follows them round the crib but stands back nervously as the girls grapple on the floor.

Parents can be heard chuckling at the adorable scene at the First Baptist Church of White Pine in Tennessee, US.

Teegan's mum Tana posted the video on Facebook, where it has been viewed almost eight million times.

Tana wrote: "My little sheep took the baby Jesus, breaking all the rules leaving poor little Mary no choice but to take action!

"Momma to the rescue tried her best to protect her baby at all costs.

"Definitely a program I will remember. Laughed so hard I cried!"

Later she told Today.com: "She just really wanted that baby Jesus.

"Teegan loves being the centre of attention, so the more people laughed, the more excited she was to show her stuff."


She added: "The little girl playing Mary is a middle child and a real stickler for the rules, and she knew that was not supposed to happen.

"When I went up to take Teegan's hand and walk her off the stage, the little girl playing Mary said, 'She touched the baby Jesus! We weren't supposed to touch the baby Jesus!'

"I told her we were sorry."

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