Hilarious moment reveller falls flat on her face after trying to walk down train platform using two giant cones

A video circulating online shows a ‘daredevil’ slide her legs into a pair of cones before attempting to saunter down a train platform.

Despite being helped along by a pal, the woman – dressed in white jeans, black top and lei – is unable to maintain her graceful composure and looks wobbly just a few steps in.

She is egged on by her friends and manages ten baby steps before losing her balance.

Moments later, her less than runway ready performance sees her slip and tumble head first onto the cold hard ground.

From our estimates, her teeth have probably seen better days after this tumble.

While it doesn’t look like it had been raining that day, the “wet floor” cones were probably an indicator that there was a chance of some slippage.

However, with those cones on her legs, it’s likely that the young partygoer hadn’t even noticed.

Her less-than-impressive attempt quickly went viral on social media, with some quipping that her new get-up bore a striking resemblance to Spongebob’s friend Patrick.


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