THIS is the shocking moment a mum whips her son around the face with a belt in a shopping centre as outraged shoppers step in to stop her.

The shocking footage was uploaded to social media after the incident in the Mall Real Plaza centre in Arequipa, Peru.

 A mum was filmed whipping her son in the face with a belt

Footage shows the mum walking with what appears to be a belt in her hand.

She then finds her son standing with his father and launches the attack as others stare on dumbfounded.

It is believed the footage was shared online by an outraged eyewitness.

The youngster is seen crying but the mum begins to argue with others who kick off about what they have witnessed.

The arguments allegedly got so heated that a physical fight almost broke out.

Sources at the scene say emergency services were called and police arrived "within minutes" to calm the rising tensions.

 The child was filmed screaming after the beating was administered
 A policeman eventually intervened after a crowd formed around the mother and son

The mum, who has not been named, has since been arrested and charged with child abuse.

Online commentors were quick to express their disgust over incident.

Alejandro Omar Perales wrote: "Humans, the only thing they know how to do is hit, mistreat, hurt, live life in a very strict way."

Valeria Bernales Moreno added: "Blessed God, if she hits him like this in the public, imagine how she hits him at home."

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