Horror as four human FOETUSES are found dumped in a rubbish bin in Thailand as cops hunt illegal backstreet abortionists

COPS in Thailand are hunting backstreet abortionists after four human foetuses were found dumped in rubbish on a housing estate.

The horror discovery was made by refuse workers, who spotted a child's head poking out of a torn rubbish sack as they hurled it into a truck.

When police arrived at the scene yesterday afternoon, they found a further three bodies, aged between two and eight months.

Officers say the foetuses had been there less than 24 hours and believe they were dumped by crooks running an illegal abortion clinic.

Local resident Sitthiporn Wichai said the unborn babies were found among rubbish next to blue plastic drums behind a 7-Eleven store on a housing estate in beach resort,Hua Hin.

He said: ''There was a lot of rubbish there. It is taken away every day. The babies were not there the day before.

''The garbage collectors saw a head when they put the bags into a truck. Then they found the other babies.

''A lot of people put rubbish here. There were a lot of bags there.''

Hua Hin police superintendent Pol Col Sittichai Srisopacharoenrat  said one foetus was aged two months, another aged three or four months and that two of the bodies were aged between six and eight months.

Pol Col Srisopacharoenrat said: ''Doctors confirmed that the bodies were human foetuses. Officers are checking CCTV as we believe the culprits arrived in a car and then left.

''The likely offender is an illegal abortion clinic and we are checking facilities in the area. Hospitals have also been contacted to report any mothers who have symptoms from the abortions.

''This has not happened before in the area. The bodies had only been in the rubbish a short amount of time.''

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