Hull Fair ride left thrillseeking sisters trapped in mid-air for SEVEN hours as ride broke down

TWO sisters were left exhausted, cold and fearing they would 'plummet to the ground' after being stranded on a ride for more than seven hours when it broke down.

Nicole Blackett 14, and her sister Laura Fenwick, 20, had headed onto the Power Tower ride on Friday night, eager to make the most of their visit to the Hull Fair.

 Laura Fenwick, 20, and her sister Nicole Blackett, 14, were trapped on the Power Tower ride in Hull Fair

But the pair were left dangling mid-air for hours overnight when the ride stopped – with stranded people even left to wet themselves during the ordeal.

Laura told the Hull Daily Mail: "It dropped about five metres without brakes.

"Everyone screamed, they were terrified we were just going to plummet to the ground. It was scary.

"Our legs went numb very, very quickly.

 Festival-goers were trapped on the Power Tower for hours
 People were handed out blankets to help them stay warm
 Festival-goers could only watch as the group of people were left hanging in the air

"There was nothing to lean them on, they were just dangling for seven and a half hours."

Fire crews were called to the fair to help the thrill-seekers, between nine and 60-years-old, off, using a cherry-picker to individually pluck them from the stationary ride.

With young children taken off first, Laura and Nicole were some of the last to be taken off the ride at 1.30am.

Nicole said: "It was so cold as well. They only brought us blankets and tin foil after two hours, so by then it didn’t do much to warm us up at all. Our body temperatures dropped to about 34C.

 Fire crews had rushed to the scene

"We were absolutely starving and thirsty too."

She said the sisters were left feeling vulnerable as they watched the Kingston-upon-Hull fair start to close down about 11pm, only getting home about 3am.

Ride owner P. Sedgewick and his team identified the problem earlier today, with Hull Fair writing on Facebook: "It appears that a small diode in a solenoid plug on the tower had blown, causing the ride to shut down as the safety system is designed to do so.

"He would like to personally thank everyone that help with the safe recovery of Power Towers riders. The ride will be fully inspected before it reopens to the public once again. However the ride will remain closed tonight at Hull Fair."

The Hull City Council said the ride would not reopen on Saturday.

They said: "We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this closure, however the safety of visitors to Hull Fair is a top priority for both the council and fairground operators."

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