Husband reveals harrowing moment he heard his wife killed on phone as kids sobbed in background on SAS: Who Dares Wins

AN SAS: Who Dares Wins contender told of the horror moment he heard his wife being killed over the phone as his kids sobbed in the background.

Danny Cross said he "heard everything" as wife Nicola was tragically stabbed to death by a schizophrenic home invader as she protected their kids in 2015.

Ex-Special Forces hardmen Jason Fox and Ant Middleton were seen in tearful silence as brave Danny revealed details of his trauma on the Channel 4 programme last night.

The contest sees former SAS soldiers putting recruits through a gruelling recreation of the selection process for the elite unit.

Danny, 40, was forced off the show with a knee injury but told how his children helped him stay strong and work through the grief of their mum's tragic killing.

He said: "I could have crumbled in that situation. I just had to keep going for the kids. I think that without them I would be in a very different place, I'm sure of it.

"Even though they miss mummy, they are happy kids.

"It gives you an inner power to know that you can cope and you can deal with things. Not a lot fazes me now."

Marcin Porczynski, then 27, broke into the family's home in Hemel Hempstead, Herts, late at night intending to kidnap their two young children while Danny was working in Hull.

Telling of the evening of Nicola's killing, IT specialist Danny said: "It was late one night. I was working away from home and my wife called me to say she was worried about a man that had been hanging around outside the house.

"She was on the phone to me when the man broke in through the back door. A schizophrenic. He had a knife and he picked up another knife from the knife block and killed her.

"I was on the phone to Nikki and heard everything.

"I heard children crying at the other end of the phone. I could hear Isabella trying to wake mummy up, saying 'wake up, wake up'".

"A few minutes later I heard the police arriving and I had to cut the line then. I couldn't listen to any more."

Viewers were left in tears as dad-of-two Danny told his story.

Nathan Sweett tweeted: "The amount of admiration I have for this man holds no bounds. To be able to carry on after such an ordeal is truly amazing. Danny Cross, you are a true hero."

BPD Baker added: "In my eyes Danny Cross is the winner! Regardless of being withdrawn, nothing will ever break that man. Well done for being strong for your family!!"

Kirsty Purnell added: "I think he deserves everything what an amazing bloke I was crying just can't believe what nasty people are in this world it's terrible. But Danny be proud for your family we all believe in you xx"

Porczynski leaded guilty at St Albans crown court to Nikki's manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and was ordered to be detained in a secure psychiatric unit indefinitely.

Since the horror, Dan and his two children have been trying to rebuild their lives.

He told The Sun in July: “Everything about that night was a horror story. I was unable to protect them when they needed me the most and I fell apart, sobbing and shaking.”

In a later Facebook post telling of his appearance on the show, Danny said he wanted to push himself "to the limit" in Nicola's memory.

He added: "I hope you all watch and enjoy my suffering for your entertainment and the message comes across about speaking out regarding mental health and recovering from tragic and traumatic circumstances in life."

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