Husband surprises wife with a brand new Ferrari filled with 1,000 red roses saying he wanted to ’blow her mind’

AN AFFECTIONATE husband surprised his motorhead wife with a $470,000 Ferrari filled with 1,000 roses on Valentine's Day.

Alex Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie, reviews supercars for social media in Dubai, but could not believe Nik bought her a shiny red hot Ferrari 488 Spider of her own.

Nik, who filmed the entire surprise, beckoned Alex outside of their plush Dubai hotel to meet her new car.

He spent the day preparing the supercar and even hired a team of florists to decorate it with pink and red balloons, red, white and pink roses and the floral love heart on the bonnet.

The team also put flower petals in the Ferrari's exhaust pipe so they would fire out like confetti when the car was started.

Alex, who uploaded the heartwarming video onto her Supercar Blondie YouTube channel is captured screaming: "Oh my God, this is amazing!"

Nik said he wanted to "blow her mind" because she has been considering purchasing a supercar, but had not been able to decide on a model.

On Instagram, Alex launched a poll, asking fans to help her decide which super car to buy. After more than 19,000 votes, the Ferrari 488 came top of the poll.

Agreeing with his wife's fans, he picked the Spider knowing full well it was the she loved the most.

He added: "I wanted to surprise her with something that no one has ever done, something beautiful that she can remember forever.

"She loves cars and roses, so I combined it. I love her lots, she works incredibly hard, she deserves it."

Fearing it wasn't hers to keep, Alex asked Nik whether the car was actually hers to keep.

He revealed she could test it out for a week, before deciding if it truly was the supercar for her.

Beaming from ear to ear, Alex said: "Such an amazing, amazing surprise. I think Ferrari's should always have roses in them, it looks amazing."” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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