Incredible moment two women dump luckless lothario headfirst in a wheelie bin when they got fed up with his sleazy pick-up lines

INCREDIBLE footage shows the moment two women threw a sleazy lothario in a BIN after they had enough of his cheesy pick up lines.

A witness in a nearby car caught the hilarious moment on camera showing the two women literally dumping the luckless man headfirst into the wheelie bin and slamming the lid.

But that wasn't enough, the two feisty females then tip the bin onto the ground.

They even have to shove the mans legs back into the bin as they're seen dangling over the side.

It is thought the man approached the two women outside a supermarket in Pretoria, South Africa.

He reportedly made lewd comments and tried to touch them.

But he messed with the wrong women.

Realising they weren't going to let him off with his disgusting behaviour, he tried to run away.

One of them chased him down and the other kept an eye on their bags and grabbed the wheelie bin.

After catching the disgusting man, she grabbed him by the arm and dragged him back to her friend.

The pals slapped him around the head and said: "Never try that sh*t again.

"We are tired of men like you."

They then piled him into the bin.

The unnamed woman told onlookers she wanted to teach the man a lesson so he wouldn't do something like that again.

He eventually managed to free himself and sheepishly walked away.

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