Innocent man’s anger at serving 12 years for rapes committed by twisted murderer of Sally Anne Bowman

AN INNOCENT man jailed for 12 years for three rapes carried out by the killer of Sally Anne Bowman has slammed the vile murderer as he was hit with two more life sentences

Mark Dixie, 47, was jailed for 34 years in 2008 for stabbing the 18-year-old, before raping her as she lay dying, yards from her front door in Croydon, south London.

Today he was sentenced to two more life sentences for violent sex attacks on two other women – one when he was just 16 – after confessing during interviews with cops in 2015.

Dutch national Romano van der Dussen, 41, was wrongly jailed for 12 years in Spain for three rapes that Dixie was later found to have committed, was due to watch the proceedings.

He told The Sun: “He ruined my life and if the Spanish police had done their job Sally Anne would be alive today.”

Romano has his conviction quashed last year.

Dixie carried out his first attack in 1987 aged just 16, when he pounced on a lone woman and raped her in an isolated car park in Croydon.

The victim was bundled into her car where Dixie raped her before pulling off a silk tie from her blouse and binding her by the wrists to a car handle.

Today, the court heard Dixie then set fire to the car and "seemed delighted at her fear". She managed to escape the burning vehicle after Dixie fled.

The next evening, Dixie rang her house phone, leaving her "utterly petrified", before she slammed down the phone, and called her again the following night.

A palm print was taken from the car, which was eventually matched to Dixie in 2009.

Dixie also confessed to another attack in Croydon in 2002, fracturing a woman's skull by repeatedly smashing her over the head with a chef's knife sharpener before sexually assaulting her.

The victim left a series of messages on her boyfriend's phone, with the last message ending with the sound of screaming and her dropping the phone.

Dixie answered the phone when her panicked partner heard the messages and rang back, before telling him he'd 'had sex with her' adding: "I have battered her, I have left her by the rail station."

Sally Anne Bowman, 18, was brutally murdered as she returned home from a night out in Croydon, South London, in September 2005.

Sally Anne had been stabbed seven times in the neck and stomach as she bravely tried to fight her killer off.

In a final horror, she was raped as she lay dead or dying. Dixie was arrested by chance the following year after having a fight in a pub and was linked to Sally Anne through his DNA.'s%20fury%20at%20serving%2012%20years%20for%20rapes%20committed%20by%20murderer” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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