Inside Iran’s underground modeling industry

This woman is posing at her peril.

Saba Homami, 25, was once a member of a group of women in Iran — forbidden from modeling without wearing a hijab — who charmed the camera in secret as part of the country’s underground modeling industry, according to a report.

Back in September 2015, Homami, who is based in Tehran, strutted down the catwalk in a bare-armed and bare-backed bridal dress for the first public fashion show since the country’s 1979 revolution.

“It was so cool, so exciting,” she told the Sunday Times of London. “Unfortunately, it turned out it was the first and last.”

After that show, models, stylists, designers and photographers were forced to appear before the country’s courts to apologize for “moral degradation” — and a modeling school and agency were shuttered, the Sunday Times reported.

Now, modeling in Iran only takes place in private houses, and the images appear only on a private network. Bloggers who operate the modeling pages have both public sites — featuring the women wearing hijabs — and private ones showing them without the required head coverings, according to the report.

Homami no longer models underground because it’s too dangerous, she told the paper.

“For $100 a day, the risks are high,” she said.

She has decided to move to Paris to continue her modeling career.


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