Iranian Embassy terrorist pictured enjoying his cushy life in a Peckham council house as SAS hero Bob Curry is homeless

A TERRORIST jailed for his part in the Iranian Embassy siege made a cushy life for himself in London using benefits – while SAS hero Bob Curry can't even get a home.

Fowiz Nejad, 61, avoided being sent back to Iran for fear of execution, instead relying on hand-outs – in stark contrast to hero Bob who is facing life on the streets.

While Bob is struggling to find a roof over his head, terrorist Nejad has a modern council flat in trendy Peckham.

Chain-smoking Nejad was today approached outside his council accommodation by The Sun Online about Bob's plight, but refused to answer questions as he climbed onto a bus.

The home is complete with a balcony and is just minutes from central London – despite Nejad having been sentenced to life behind bars for taking dozens of hostages in the six-day siege in 1980.

As recently as May coward Nejad was known to be raking in thousands of pounds a year in benefits living rent-free.

It is believed he remains on hand-outs – something the Department of Work and Pensions would not confirm today.

A pal previously told The Sun: “He lives off benefits and is on disability because he has a bad back.

“He also loves a night out in the West End and he has an eye for the ladies.

“He will say, ‘I went out, had a drink and got some p****’.

“It’s a proper playboy lifestyle and he loves it.”

Nejad was one of six gunmen who raided the embassy 38 years ago.

While the rest were killed six days later by SAS troops including Bob, Nejad was captured after pretending to be a hostage.

He was jailed for life at the Old Bailey for conspiracy to murder, false imprisonment and two charges of manslaughter.

After his release in 2008, British authorities ruled they could not deport him to Iran because it would breach the Human Rights Act.

Nejad was pictured as public outcry grows over Bob's plight, with more than 100,000 having signed a petition started by SAS legend Andy McNab calling for him to get a home.

Ex-cop Trevor Lock, who was a hostage in the siege, said the council needed to "sort" it out.

Speaking from his home this morning, the 78-year-old told The Sun Online: "I'm very sad for him.

"He was the best of the best, and is now on that level.

"It needs to be sorted."

Herefordshire County Council this afternoon confirmed they have still been unable to successfully re-home the veteran.

Speaking yesterday, Bob said: “This can happen to any veteran.”

The hero told of his despair at facing life on the streets – broke and homeless after decades of service to his country, saying: "It was as if the society I had fought for all my life had turned its back on me.”

Herefordshire County Council told Mr Curry in November to fill in forms for a council house to see if he fitted criteria.

He is still waiting.

The only place they could offer was a hostel containing ex-crooks, drug addicts and people with mental problems.

But Bob could only cope there for two nights. He said: “I was sleeping on a sofa in my daughter’s rental house for all of December.”

He swallowed his pride and asked the Royal British Legion and SAS Regimental Association if they could help.

They  found B&B accommodation in Hereford but only for 28 days. Bob joined the Army as a boy soldier aged 15½ in 1968 before joining the SAS in 1979.

He left in 1985 and later worked for then Harrods owner Mohammed Fayed and guarded son Dodi. Bob stressed: “A lot of veterans struggle and need help and they are not getting it.”

Herefordshire county council said: “We are continuing to work with the individual to help them secure appropriate housing.”

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